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Every day, people track over 3 million activities with Human. We keep track of daily activity in 900 cities all across the globe to learn about Human activity and inspire people to join the movement. See how people around the world get to their #daily30.

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What's happening on Human now

Amsterdam0.00 min

Austin41.51 min

Berlin0.00 min

Copenhagen0.00 min

London0.00 min

Paris0.00 min

Tokyo80.08 min

Toronto2.52 min

Top cities on Human yesterday


Singapore 115.6 min
Glasgow 114.3 min
Rome 96.3 min
Torrance 72.1 min
Stockholm 63.9 min
Fort Lauderdale 51.3 min
Paris 50.3 min
Tokyo 46.7 min


Yokohama 19.1 min
Utrecht 17.8 min
Copenhagen 15.8 min
Guangzhou 13.1 min
Pittsburgh 12.5 min
Munich 12.0 min
Fort Worth 11.3 min
Amherst 7.0 min


Singapore 34.7 min
Delhi 20.2 min
Torrance 13.1 min
Brisbane 11.3 min
Paris 4.1 min
Tokyo 4.0 min
Pittsburgh 3.9 min
Berlin 3.0 min

Other activity

Glasgow 140.7 min
Miami 101.5 min
Mesa 97.2 min
Munich 91.3 min
Tampa 73.2 min
Winnipeg 71.3 min
Cincinnati 66.1 min
Rome 60.0 min

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