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Every day, people track over 3 million activities with Human. We keep track of daily activity in 900 cities all across the globe to learn about Human activity and inspire people to join the movement. See how people around the world get to their #daily30.

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What's happening on Human now

Amsterdam45.07 min

Austin28.64 min

Berlin48.90 min

Copenhagen60.15 min

London3.02 min

Paris65.58 min

Tokyo0.00 min

Toronto125.30 min

Top cities on Human yesterday


Singapore 198.7 min
Munich 81.2 min
Thornton 76.1 min
Thousand Oaks 67.7 min
Santiago 64.2 min
Bogotá 60.9 min
Toronto 55.5 min
Houston 52.8 min


Thornton 26.4 min
Toronto 20.3 min
Copenhagen 16.6 min
Birmingham 12.7 min
Amherst 11.5 min
Munich 11.1 min
Groningen 10.3 min
Mumbai 9.4 min


As Sulaymānīyah 8.8 min
Hamburg 8.3 min
Sydney 7.9 min
Boston 7.6 min
Adelaide 4.5 min
Paris 4.3 min
Amherst 4.0 min
Staten Island 2.1 min

Other activity

Thornton 123.5 min
Salt Lake City 95.1 min
Vancouver 86.4 min
Thousand Oaks 79.2 min
Paterson 73.1 min
East Los Angeles 71.5 min
Chula Vista 62.6 min
Jakarta 61.5 min

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