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Every day, people track over 3 million activities with Human. We keep track of daily activity in 900 cities all across the globe to learn about Human activity and inspire people to join the movement. See how people around the world get to their #daily30.

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What's happening on Human now

Amsterdam9.67 min

Austin0.00 min

Berlin23.87 min

Copenhagen0.00 min

London0.00 min

Paris6.55 min

Tokyo85.43 min

Toronto0.00 min

Top cities on Human yesterday


Singapore 175.5 min
Pittsburgh 86.7 min
Tokyo 65.0 min
Glasgow 62.2 min
Dublin 60.6 min
Groningen 48.0 min
Adelaide 41.7 min
Toronto 41.7 min


Mexico City 37.6 min
Berlin 35.8 min
Utrecht 30.8 min
New York City 21.8 min
Adelaide 16.9 min
Milano 16.7 min
Sacramento 12.6 min
Portland 12.3 min


City of London 2.6 min
Glasgow 2.5 min
Portland 1.8 min
New York City 1.0 min
Bangalore 0.9 min
Sydney 0.0 min
Melbourne 0.0 min
Brisbane 0.0 min

Other activity

Sacramento 118.5 min
Singapore 112.7 min
Berlin 94.6 min
Newark 84.5 min
London 69.6 min
Ottawa 59.9 min
Pittsburgh 58.5 min
Mexico City 53.0 min

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