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Every day, people track over 3 million activities with Human. We keep track of daily activity in 900 cities all across the globe to learn about Human activity and inspire people to join the movement. See how people around the world get to their #daily30.

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What's happening on Human now

Amsterdam0.00 min

Austin40.96 min

Berlin0.00 min

Copenhagen0.00 min

London0.00 min

Paris4.28 min

Tokyo21.20 min

Toronto0.00 min

Top cities on Human yesterday


Berlin 108.2 min
Dublin 70.0 min
Boston 66.6 min
Buenos Aires 58.8 min
Winnipeg 46.7 min
Sacramento 45.5 min
İstanbul 43.9 min
Anaheim 43.3 min


Manila 17.2 min
Colorado Springs 11.4 min
London 10.1 min
Madrid 9.8 min
Utrecht 9.5 min
Calgary 9.1 min
Rotterdam 8.8 min
Anaheim 8.4 min


Los Angeles 13.6 min
Paris 8.3 min
Buenos Aires 4.3 min
Hamburg 4.2 min
Chicago 3.6 min
Cincinnati 2.7 min
Brussels 1.8 min
Brooklyn 1.5 min

Other activity

Manhattan 299.8 min
Guadalajara 110.8 min
Nashville 105.8 min
Munich 100.2 min
Adelaide 90.7 min
Hong Kong 88.2 min
Dublin 66.6 min
Sacramento 63.6 min

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