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Human tracks everyday activity in Copenhagen (Denmark) and 900 other cities worldwide. This is how 23 people with Human in Copenhagen stay in shape with daily activity like walking, running, cycling, and other exercise.

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The average activity for people in Copenhagen local time.

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So far, 0 people in Copenhagen tracked 0 minutes of activity in total today, an average of 0 minutes per user. Yesterday 0 people clocked 541 minutes of total activity in Copenhagen, an average of 0 minutes per active user.

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Last 14 days

In the last 14 days 23 people in Copenhagen tracked 11,308 minutes of activity. That's 8 days of activity. The daily average for people in Copenhagen was 45 minutes in the past 14 days.

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About Copenhagen

Copenhagen (English pronunciation: /ˌkpənˈhɡən/, /-ˈhɑːɡ-/, /ˈkpənhɡən/, /-hɑːɡ-/); Danish: København [kʰøb̥m̩ˈhɑʊ̯ˀn]; Latin: Hafnia) is the capital and most populous city of Denmark. The City of Copenhagen (Byen København) has a population of 763,908 (as of December 2016), of whom 601,448 live in the Municipality of Copenhagen. The larger urban area has a population of 1,280,371 (as of 1 January 2016), while the Copenhagen metropolitan area has just over 2 million inhabitants. The city is situated on the eastern coast of the island of Zealand; another small portion of the city is located on Amager, and is separated from Malmö, Sweden, by the strait of Øresund.

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Copenhagen on Teleport

By Maria Rahamägi

Copenhagen is a city with a small-town vibe. The city is best explored by bike using one of the world's most developed bike-path system and its countless cafés, bars, and parks are never far away. The high standard of living, easy access to Internet, modern metro system and a thriving business environment attract talent from all over the world.

Copenhagen is one of the top ten city matches for 15.2% of Teleport users.

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